Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress -- Not great, but just grand.

Kate Middleton wearing a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress
And oh, so tasteful: no boobs, no bling, no damn fit-and-flare.  Pre-royal wedding, your average "Say Yes to the Dress" shopper  probably wouldn't even try on a similar dress.  Simon Doonan wrote that the royal wedding could usher in a "whole new era of elegant restraint" and put a temporary end to "porno-chic."  Unlikely, given the Kardashian-media complex, but we can hope that at least a few bimbos out there in celebrity land will get a clue and start wearing dresses long enough to prevent the spread of crotch-rot.

Ahem.  Yes.  Back to the dress:  in the black center of my heart-of-hearts I was hoping that Kate would wear something completely cracked-out,thus inspiring decades of brides to march down the aisle wearing, say, sequined Crocs, cowboy hats and 80's style mini-poufs, all for my amusement. The better part of me wanted her to wear something very modern and minimal, bordering on Tilda wear, that fashion and clothes bloggers could argue about for ages. But Kate, an obviously a smart, and even calculating, young woman, chose a dress that no one could complain about. Reportedly, even the hyper-critical Karl Lagerfeld liked it. May the rest of her choices as a royal be as successful, to the undoing of the tabloid press.

Oh, and I lurve the tiara. There's no garment that can't be made better by some honking big genuine jewels.

Now I wish I had a piece of  carrot cake.  Weddings do that to me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011