Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Trashy Diva Wedding Gown

STOP THE PRESSES! The divine Divas at Trashy Diva have turned some of their best designs into wedding gowns. (Okay, my internet incompetence is showing because I can't get a direct link to the Trashy Diva dresses page, but that's where they're shown.) The prices range from $248 to $400, which is practically a gift in wedding-gown terms. All y'all vintage loving brides-to-be need to get over there and take a good look at the Divas' extra-special stuff.

[rant] And about taking a good look: I am currently trying, again, to break a prenup on behalf of some formerly sweet young thing who thought that she didn't need a lawyer because she had love on her side. Uh, no, it doesn't work that way. If you happen to be about to marry an older, much wealthier man, and he hands you a prenup on the eve of your wedding, what the hell do you think he's thinking about? Not love or the damn guest list, that for sure. So, should you be asked to enter into such an agreement (1) hire a lawyer; (2) make sure you listen to what the lawyer is saying; (3) make sure that future hubby's disclosure of his assets is really full disclosure, i.e., ask for statements, copies of deeds, pay to have your lawyer's paralegal go do an asset search on the guy; and (4) if the prenup basically states that you leave the marriage with nothing, ask yourself, really, really, really ask yourself, if you want to marry a man who essentially is renting you by the hour. [/rant]

P.S. Prenuptial agreements are a good idea when there is an equality of assets and bargaining power, and are a very good idea when an older couple with children get married, to make sure the kids get what they should out of the parent's estate. But that's a whole other rant.

Otherwise, congratulations!


Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

This was a great post. First off, I love the dress. Its very goddess-like. I would just wear it around for fun even if I wasnt getting married. Second, I'm with you on the whole rich old man thing. I see this every day. Its one of my favorite posting topics, and Ill probably link to this post in the near future. The whole rich old man, young hot girl thing is not about love. Its a business transaction. The contract states pretty girl will be seen in public with rich old man for a set period of time in exchange for big diamonds and nice purses. The gold diggers are stupid and usually dont get as much as they had hoped for in the end.

Gidget Bananas said...

wlsw, the Trashy Divas make the same pattern dresses in different materials, so you could get one and wear it for fun.

BTW, interesting blog. Will link.

Elinor said...

What a lovely dress!

I so hear you on the pre-nup/marriage contract thing. My father does the same work, and it's amazing how stingy these rich guys (so far they've been guys) can be, and how nasty they can get when the bride-to-be even asks questions about the contract. Bodes well for the marriages, doesn't it?

alan said...

Do you still have that dress? I would buy it for ANY AMOUNT!!!! I've been looking for it everywhere since Trashy Diva sold their last one for a song!