Friday, October 20, 2006

Project Runway Finale -- I'm free!

In case you've been out of the country, in a coma, or hiding under the proverbial rock, let me bring you up to date: Season 3 of Project Runway is over and Jeffrey Sebelia is the winner. Of course, anyone who was watching the show and who hadn't spent years of reality television out of the country, in a coma, under the proverbial rock or totally dazzled by the alleged glamour of contestant Bad Mommy Laura Bennet pretty much knew Jeffrey was going to win from all the screen time he was given. Subtle, the PR editors ain't.

Actually, by the time the finale aired, the online fights between Jeffrey fans and Laura fans had become more interesting than the show. Even if I had the energy for message-board partisanship (I'm saving mine for the mid-term elections), I had no dog in that hunt. By season's end I was hoping Uli Herzner, the quiet, unassuming-but-not-without-her-bitchy-moments underdog would win. That one of her designs at left, my favorite look from all four fashion shows. But y'know what? It really makes no difference who won: the designers with ambition will go on to bigger and better gigs, and soon their dramas will be replaced by next seasons drama. I just wish the show would concentrate more on the clothes, dammit!


Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Whew! I feel free too. I was getting very frustrated with the show, yet I still couldn't keep from watching it. I like seeing the creativity of making the clothing. I wish the producers would stop focusing on drama. Creative people tend to be dramatic on their own without fixing the competition, or giving us misleading editing.
Hopefully they'll get back to basics next year.
I was hoping Uli would win after seeing the final collections. I like Laura though, I wouldn't wear any of her clothing, but I thought she was alright.
The whole Jeffrey cheating drama seemed to end weirdly to me. Suddenly he was cleared and Laura was saying that she didn't want him eliminated and Jeff said Laura was OK with him. Which just seemed weird considering the seriousness of the allegations. You don't accuse someone of cheating unless you want them out of a competition, and I couldn't forgive someone that quickly for accusing me of cheating.

Missedmanners said...

I hate how into this show I got this season. On seasons one and two I was pretty vocal about my contempt for such shows... until I got into and totally got entranced by Mr. Freakneck. I watched every episode, even left drinks with my friends to go home and watch it a few times. :(

Anyway, all self doubt and disappointment aside, I was very happy Jeffery won.