Friday, February 02, 2007

When movie stars get confused

Just in case you've been on a deserted island without access to wi-fi and gossip blogs for the past, gosh, year or so, Sienna Miller, British tabloid darling, is staring in a movie called "Factory Girl," in which she plays Edie Sedgwick, a 60s it girl and herself the star of some underground movies.

Sienna is taking her part very very very seriously, no doubt because she thinks that taking on the role of an anorexic drug-addict who died at 28 from a barbituate overdose is an express-ticket to Oscarland. And, evidently, being smart enough not to adopt Edie's lifestyle to get into the role (although not smart enough to totally dump Jude Law), Sienna has tried to get into the part by adopting what she thinks was Edie's style.

Now, Edie was in fact dubbed "the girl in black tights" by Life Magazine. However she always wore them with a mini or a tunic or something that at least reached her crotch even if the garment didn't entirely cover it. Sienna on the other hand, is going for the pure tights look, and she appeared at the recent New York Premiere of "Factory Girl" wearing a short sweater and what appears to be a pair of granny panties over a pair of tights.
Sienna is supposedly a style trend-setter. However, Girlfriend clearly needs to be reminded that she's not Edie Sedgwick, that she'll never be Edie Sedgwick, and that she shouldn't even WANT to be Edie Sedgwick, considering that Edie's life was short and sad, and people who might be tempted to follow Sienna's lead and go outside without pants or dress should be reminded of that too.

By the way, that's Sienna in the top picture, and Edie in the bottom two.


vintage style said...

Can't imagine what SM was thinking.The only thing this look has in common with Edie's style is the black tights. The rest is maybe Sienna's interpretation of how someone in a drug induced haze would dress, or forget to dress!

Anonymous said...

i think sienna looks great and I LOVE the black tights with the leotard.
for some reason people love hating her but i think she did a tremendous job in factory girl.

Anonymous said...

might want to get your facts right before you pass judgement.. that isnt even edie sedgwick or andy warhol in the middle picture..

Anonymous said...

that IS andy and edie. god some people are so stupid these days.

Anonymous said...

no need to be so rude... oh and by the way they're right, the middle picture IS NOT edie and andy.

Rhi--annie said...

Oiii if its not edie and andy in the middle pic who is it?

I think Edie was/is amazing and its sad how tragic her life was.
,,love her style too!

Sienna, i also think, did a great job playing her..

Anddddddd does anyone know where i can get/watch Ciao! Manhatten??

Anonymous said...

you're fucking stupid. sienna rocks. and that's not andy and edie. idk who the fuck they are but it's not them. shows what you know. wowwww.