Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sheer Madness

From the review of Vera Wang's Pre-Fall 2011 collection:

. . . the designer came up with a novel way to solve the cold-weather shorts issue, sewing sheer pants into the waistband of bloomers and an all-in-one.

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2011
Once again, that goes to show what I know. I've always  thought the solution to the "cold weather shorts issue" was PANTS.

Yeah, designers are loving sheer fabrics right now: if only they knew what to do with it.  You may have seen the following mysteries at Go Fug Yourself:

So, Christina Ricci gets boob shades and Selena Gomez gets crotch drapes.  People should not be dressed in window coverings.

The worst thing about the sheer trend?  The granny panties worn underneath.  Who could forget Gretchen whosis in all her mantie glory?

But even designers who should know better are putting enormous underpants under their sheer skirts:

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011

Araks Spring 2011

Michael Kors Spring 2011
Well, maybe Michael Kors doesn't know better. 

It's probably the old fart in me talking again, but I always thought that the solution to a sheer skirt was a SLIP.  Damn, do they even make slips anymore? 

And don't get me started about all the sheer tops.  I am still blinded by the headlights.

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Anonymous said...

none of what you said above were constructive criticism. instead, you sound like a child whining about how you don't like certain things because they're ugly or what have you.