Monday, May 13, 2013

Fashion Critical Mass: Kim Kardashian at the Met Ball.

Kim Kardashian, with her baby daddy, both in custom Givenchy, at the 2013 Met Gala in honor of the costume institute exhibition Punk: from Chaos to Couture
The title of this post isn't another weight joke about the pregnant Kim K (although heaven knows I could make one, and probably will), it actually refers to the definition of the term, which is "the amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction."  In other words, if there's critical mass, there's a bomb, and it didn't me take more than one photo Kim in her flowered monstrosity to conclude that she landed on the Met Gala red carpet with the impact of the Fat Man, a famously big bomb.
Okay, there's the fat joke, and a truly tasteless one it is. 
Now you're probably thinking that a woman, especially a pregnant woman, shouldn't be criticized for the size of body and how she chooses to cover it.  I absolutely agree, except when that woman is a full-time player in the red-carpet celebrity game and basically getting paid just to look good.  Really, with nothing to do except to maintain her alleged hotness, and access to the loan or gift of the finest fashion, Kim chooses to appear at the biggest fashion event of the year dressed like grandma's divan?
Of course she does, she gets more attention that way.
This floral disaster got Kimmy more attention than Madonna's pantsless look, or Uma Thurman looking like a couture Poison Ivy:
Uma Thurman looking so good in Zac Pozen I thought she was Charlize Theron
or even Gisele Bundchen making a scene.

It's Gisele motherfracking Bundchen in Versace, bitches.
So the girl who is famous for nothing dropped the big one and won the war.  At least she and the Met Gala got me off the Clothesaholic wagon and posting again.

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Joan in NV said...

There's a joke out there on the interwebs captioning a picture from this red carpet and the look on Kanye's face is priceless. The joke? "Oh my gawd, I've impregnated a couch." Or words to that effect.

Welcome back! You've been missed!