Thursday, January 04, 2007

The one that got away

Before the holiday I spotted the brown shirtwaist dress at top left, for sale at BebopDiva's ebay store. I loved it immediately, because I look great in brown and shirtwaist dresses, but did I buy it? Nooooooooo -- I put the dress on my watch list, which of course I didn't watch, and by the time I remembered to look again someone had bought it on a "Buy It Now" bid. Now, every once in a while I think what a wonderful purchase the dress world have been. It has sleeves! It would have brought out the gold flecks in my eyes! It would have looked fabulous under my chestnut-brown vintage fur, especially if I found a pair of retro-styled brown pumps to wear with them! But the dress is gone forever because I committed the first sin of vintage shopping -- I found something I liked, in my size, and I didn't buy it on the spot.

Now, about the fur thing. I'm not a fan of new fur -- I mean, $15,000 for a jacket, whaddaya kidding me? -- but I think vintage furs deserve to be worn, because not only is the wearer too late to save Mr. Fluffy, but if the garment isn't used, Mr. Fluffy will have died in vain. Furs last forever, if they're maintained properly. Fur is not a petroleum product, as are nylon, polyester and acrylics, and it's much warmer than those fabrics. If you're uncomfortable wearing granny's old mink in public, have it cut down into a throw, wrap yourself in it while watching television, turn down the thermostat five degrees and strike a blow against the Empire!

I posted a picture of the brown wiggle dress, also from BebopDiva, because I think it's both classy and sexy. Alas, the lovely thing has a 26-inch waist, which means that it's not for me, but someone should really snap it up, along with this jacket. Save a dress, save a jacket, save a tree.