Monday, May 17, 2010

Dior Cruise Shanghai 2010 -- Think Pink!

Dior's Cruise 2010 collection -- shown in Shanghai, where women can still afford to wear Dior -- is chock full of looks that press my fashion buttons: retro, minimalist, ladylike, ruffles and pink, pink, pink. OMG, there was even an evening dress with SLEEVES.

According to (where you can see the whole collection), John Galliano's inspiration was French New Wave cinema, which explains the Bardo-esque (or Shrimpton-esque) hair on the models. Except for some exhuberant evening looks, Galliano reigned in the runway crazy, so a woman could easily pick out outfits she would wear -- or would wear if she were 20 years younger and 10 lbs. lighter.

Some of these garments reminded me of clothes I actually wore way back when. I had a red dress much like the pink one with the white collar and placket. And when I was very young, my mother took me to a rummage sale in the basement of Blessed Sacrament Church, where she bought two ruffled organdy prom dresses that looked a whole lot like that pink ruffled explosion in the last picture posted here. My best friend and I spent a summer dressed up like Scarlett O'Hara at the barbeque. Ah, good times. Now if I could only win some lottery and get that black leather jacket . . .


joven said...

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michaelpanda said...

I particularly like the first and fourth photos - those pink dresses are adorable!