Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Holy Hemlines, Batman, it's Fashion Week Month again!

Sheesh.  I haven't finished looking at the Fall 2010 collections yet (not to mention Pre-Fall, Cruise and Resort), and New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starts tomorrow.  Given that I'm not getting ready to go to Italy this season (alas! alack!) I'll try to pay attention, but dayum, there's a whole lot of fashion going on. 

Anyone watching The Rachel Zoe project this season?  Dayum, Rodger (Mr. Zoe) is being a whiney bitch.  And really, all that drama over that Marchesa dress:  OF COURSE the designer is going to save it for the odds-on favorite for the Best Actress award (Sandra Bullock), instead of lending it to a mere presenter (has Demi Moore even been in anything lately?).  Get over it, already.