Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh. Darn.

I like this bag.


Although I think it would look better without those oddly prominent brass feet.

And without all those Vs and Ls.

Perhaps in plain denim, or a tasteful banana print, instead?

ETA: The more I look at this bag (which I still like) the more it looks like something a clever person could sew herself out of a pair or two of old jeans. I'm sure the home sewer would lose the fancy hardware along with the damn Vs and Ls, but she'd be saving $1,200 of the American dollars, less the cost of materials.

Oh, this purse has been christened the "Baggy PM."

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The non-blonde said...

There's something in the new Vogue about denim accessories. Dior also has a cute denim bag, and Fendi has shoes.