Sunday, April 16, 2006

Catholic highschool flashback.

I came across this bishop-sleeved, mock turtle-necked dress patterns during one of my frequent ebay vintage pattern searches. See it gave me one of those "I've been here before" tingles, but -- where? Why would I remember this entirely too prim and proper garment? Then my low-wattage light burned a little brighter, and I realized that this must have been the pattern my mother used to make my high-school graduation dress.

We the graduating class of Sacred Heart Academny were instructed that are dresses had to be white so they wouldn't show under our white academic gowns. (I'm sure the nuns also wanted to cultivate an image of virginal purety among the senior class, too. After all, our parents didn't pay all that tuition just so we could be edumicated). My Mom heard and obeyed, and made this dress up in white polyester crepe. She did a beautiful job, right down to the many self-covered buttons on the cuffs, and the dress fit beautifully, although I did think the puffy sleeves made me look fat.

When I got to school I discovered I was the only graduating senior actually wearing a white dress. I guess my classmates thought their last day on campus was as good a day as any to declare their independence from Sister Mary Flowerpot, and, as usual, I didn't get the memo. I always was a backward child.

In the event you're feeling the need for a dress that could be worn to the most orthodox temple wedding (Mormon or Jewish), you can purchase this pattern at Lanetz Vintage.


Anonymous said...

I just found my jr. prom dress pattern on a "vintage" site -1984
My best friend and I had the same dress, different fabric. Boy was taffeta in style. My big Brother took me, Boyfriend turned out to be a jerk after tickets and fabric were purchased. I loved that dress....

patricia said...

LOL -- "we are academy girls, we wear our hair in curls, we never smoke or drink, that's what our teachers run run i think i hear a nun, grab all the booz that you can hold, if a sister grabs you by the ear yell sister have a beer from the rafters of slra" -- ah, catholic school memories, they're some of the best...i love reminiscing with other survivors...did you ever read the book black patent leather shoes reflect up?

Gidget Bananas said...

"We are academy girls" -- bwahaha. Quite a sisterhood, aren't we?