Sunday, April 30, 2006

One must suffer to be beautiful.

The Carnival of the Couture this week is hosted by Sense of Soot. The Topic is Torturous Fashion . . . “a style you have loved with masochism unparalleled.” This is a hard topic for me; other than the usual pairs of sky-high strappy shoes, I haven’t been tortured so much by fashion as by those things women need to put on before they become fashionable. For example, in order to wear the vintage styles I love, I need to approximate a vintage shape. In my case that means donning a waist-cincher or corset or full body cast. So I do, and wiggle into my wiggle dress, and after an hour or so I remember why fainting couches were such an important piece of household furniture for so long.

The fashion aid that really defeated me was the contact lense. I’m blind as a bat, I have astigmatism, I have dry eyes, and I need multi-focals, so soft lenses won't do. While still in humid New England, I lived fairly successfully with little chips of glass in my eyes. Then I moved to windy, dusty, zero humidity Nevada, and I just gave up. However, after a recent viewing of “How to Marry a Millionaire” – Marilyn Monroe in rhinestone cat’s eye glasses – I’ve decided to embrace my inner vintage old maid and go rhinestones and cat’s eyes myself. So the next time you see a woman in a wasp-waisted dress and extreme specs take the time to say “hey.” That bespectacled corseted spinster might just be me


Anne said...

Wait, Nevada? Where? I need a Reno shopping buddy and never saw any NV references on any of these fancy fashiony blogs until now! Tell me you're not in Vegas!

Gidget Bananas said...

Wait, there's shopping in Reno? E-mail me, I'd like to hear more. *wink*

SBB said...

I tried on a new pair of cats eye glasses recently - for the first time, the glasses followed that strange "rule" that the glasses rim must match that of your eyebrows lest one look double eyebrowed.

However, the saleslady instantly burst out in huge guffawing laughs.

so yes. No cats eyes for me until I get brave enough to punch salesladies and say "what do you know anyway!"