Friday, August 11, 2006

Captain Sav-a-ho -- Project Runway Episode 6

The challenge this week was to modernize the look of a fashion icon. The icons (or in this case, "icons") in question were Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Pam Grier, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and Cher. I had some philosophical problems with this challenge. For example, the designers were warned not to design anything retro. Well, poo, I says to myself, what's wrong with retro -- especially when some of the icons' signature looks, like Jackie Kennedy's neat structured suits and Twiggy's babydoll dresses and shifts, are all over the runways this season? Audrey-like little black dresses never go out of style. Another problem was that at least two of the designers had no clue who their icons were and what they wore. Bradley, incredibly, knew nothing about Cher, and Allison knew knew nothing about Farrah Fawcett, although I wouldn't call either of those women fashion icons. If this challenge had been described as modernizing the look of a gay icon I think some of the designers would have been more successful. (What? No Elizabeth Taylor?)

Michael Knight (who, when he defended Angela, said "I'm not trying to play Captain Save-a-ho", a phrase that I'm sure just entered the general vernacular), was the clear winner of the challenge. He knew who his icon, Pam Grier, was, and he made a beautifully constructed and fitting eye-catching pink outfit. And he did it all with minimum drama, even though he scrapped his first design mid-project. I do believe Michael's going to to win this season.

I wasn't on board with the judges' other two favorite designs, Kayne's Goth gown for Marilyn, because it made his model's butt look lumpy, and Angela's LBD for Audrey Hepburn, because it was made by Angela. Audrey would never have worn anything that exposed half her chest, anyway. I thought Uli's flamboyant purple gown for Diana Ross was better than either of those. Michael Kors was spot on when he called Vincent's Twiggy dress "more Brady bunch than Twiggy." Oh, welcome back, Mr. Kors! The other outfits were okay, even Robert Best's boring beige Jackie suit, or, like Jeffrey's Madonna costume, insane. Po' Bradley, who has been suffering a crisis of confidence, was auf'd for his tin-man Cher costume. I liked Bradley, but he clearly had no killer gene, which is essential for a reality show contestant.

Show-wise, PR has a real problem -- most of the best stuff winds up in the bonus videos at Ah well, the more for the extended version DVD.

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