Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway -- surprise!

Okay, the big news in last night's episode of PR wasn't the disqualification of Keith -- most viewers had him pegged as the bad guy from the beginning -- but the triumph of Angela "Happy Hands at Home" Keslar. Angela won the Macy's I.N.C. challenge, which means that her design is now on sale at (click picture for link) and "selected stores" (which doesn't mean my local Macy's). Assuming that Angela gets immunity as well as fame from winning this challenge, that also means she'll be around for at least another two episodes, much to the dismay of the gang at TWOP.

Among the posters, Angela is disliked for her artsy-craftsy ballon-skirt with rosettes aesthetic. (That's a picture of her bubble-skirted creation for last week's challenge below.) I don't like Angela because she wears newsboy caps -- on an angle, no less -- and because she is, heaven help me, perky. Check out Bravo's bonus video of her dancing on the sewing table. I can't deal with perky; for example, I could never be a co-host on a morning show because within the first fifteen minutes of the first show I'd be driven to throttle the co-hosting standard issue morning show perky bitch with my coffee cup. If Angela had danced on the table by me, I'd have stabbed her with her own damn scissors.

Ahem: Angela's win was, I suspect, in great part due to the skill and good taste of her teammates, Laura and Michael. They restrained Angela's impulse to sew rosettes on every surface of the garment, but why they all thought it appropriate to stick rosettes under the collar so that it can't lie flat is beyond me.

I was disappointed in Robert "Mr. Barbie" Best's outfit -- his doll designs are so flamboyant, but his human designs are rather blah. I'm beginning to like Jeffrey "The Tattooed Man" Sebelia because he's more skilled than he looks. The previews for Episode 5, however, show Jeffrey having an enormous hissy fit and fighting with Laura, so my affection for him may be short-lived.

Next week the contestants are making updated outfits for fashion icons such as Jaqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. That's not a challenge that really gets this vintage-lover too excited -- update the divine Audrey? Why? She's already perfect! Oh, well, carry on.

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