Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And the winner is -- Betsey Johnson?

I've always felt that Betsey Johnson's designs were too young for me -- even when she was selling stuff out of "Betsey Bunki Nini" in 1969, and I was *mumble mumble* teen. But now that she's a grandma (Betsey took her Fashion Week bow carrying her infant granddaughter, I'm guessing she skipped the cartwheel) she's surrendered to maturity, and heck, produced some clothes I'd wear now.

I'd wear the very Ceil Chapman-looking gray-and-white print dress knee-length; I'd wear the pale-green 40s-style swing dress as is; I don't know if I'd wear the pink and white dress but damn, ain't it cute? It doesn't look like it was designed for a 14-year-0ld streetwalker with a Flashdance fetish, either. This strapless white dress is so uncharacteristically elegant it look like the model wandered in from another show.

Of course, she's still Betsey, so her collection still includes hooker hotpants, rompers (who thinks these are a good idea for females over age 4?) and bloomers. Mama mia. But those trademark lapses in taste are balanced by little black dresses that are definitely meant for grown up women.

New York Magazine has Betsey listed as one of their "most popular" shows. I thinking a whole lot of people are tuning in to make sure it's true that Betsey produced such a good-looking and well-received collection.

Mazel tov, Betsey, may you be blessed with many more grandbabies and may you bless us with some more pretty dresses.


dazedblu* said...

fab dress, nice blog, and juicy informations ...

Ladygrande said...

That pale green vintage-type dress is most wonderful! I'd wear it, too. Lovely!

Maddie said...

Love the dresses, and actually, the yellow shirt paired with the hideous hot pants was cute too!