Thursday, September 14, 2006

Vintage Influences for Spring 2007, Part 2 -- The 20s in 2007

Thank the Gods of Fashion, designers have finally gotten over the plunging-v-neck, empire waist, totally unwearable by me, silhouette they've featured for the last few seasons. And seeking to stimulate business as all fashion designers do, they've dropped the waistline from right under the armpits to right at the hips so that fashionistas everywhere will scurry to the stores for the latest thing.

In the case of the drop-waist dresses, the latest thing is about 80 years old, but that's just fine with me. I'm a total 20s freak, and in particular, a 20s American ex-pat in Paris freak ("A Moveable Feast," YES! "Babylon Revisited," YES! "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle," YES!) so I love any garment with a hint of flapper. And considering that most vintage garments from the 20s are too fragile or too rare to really wear (I can imagine myself now, dropping spaghetti sauce on the front of a 1920s silk frock, and subsequently dropping dead in shock) a modern reproduction is a great alternative.

The top white dress is from Tracy Reese. I'm a Tracy Reese fan; she always does colorful, feminine clothes, and they're fairly available online and at better department stores. Her collection this spring was full of 20s-influenced styles.

The embroidered black and silver robe de style is from Reem Acra, a designer of high-end wedding and red-carpet gowns, If she's making drop-waist dresses, we can expect to see some on celebrities soon, and I hope they get a pass from the tits-and-ass obsessed fashion police.

The apple-green dress is from BCBG. This dress is kind of 80s (off the shoulder) meets 20s, but I was attracted to it because of the color. I'm drawn to bright apple greens like a moth to flame, and like flame, they're no good for me. Not for nothing is that color also called poison green -- I put it on and I immediately look like a victim of liver failure. But still I it calls to me, like Nimue calling to Merlin. Cooooooooooooome . . . touch the greeeeeeeeen . . .

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