Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Magazine weight lifting.

Labor Day is the official end of the summer season, but I think the season actually ends when the ginormous September Issues of "W" and "Vogue" arrive. Even though I now follow the collections online, and therefore see fashion six months before it hits the stores, I still drop everything to pour over the September issues to divine what the fashon editors have decreed to be the latest trends and to see what I mostly won't be wearing this autumn.

This issue of Vogue has an article entitled "What's your shape?" in which, according to Vogue, "six real world women wear the look that suits them best. Which one are you?" But the introduction should really have read "Six fashion world womenwear the looks that suit them best. You most probably aren't one of them," because, day-um, the six women (mostly ex-models) all look uniformly tall and skinny to me, whether labeled "exclamation point," "X," or "hourglass" by the tunnel visioned editors of Vogue. I'm not a campaigner for fat acceptance or anything (larger ladies, I know there's more of you to love, but you know that too much more might kill you) but not even ex-models approach reality in my little world.

However, it's really the ads that bulk this issue of Vogue up to 754 pages, and I think the ads are more interesting than the photo features because they show what's available to peons like us. There are pages of ads from Target (Isaac, you done good this season, I am loving these shoes), Dillard's and *ugh* Wal-Mart. From these ads I've deduced, without even putting on my Sherlock hat, there there's going to be a lot of black on the racks: black dresses, black tights, black leggins, and black skinny pants. Can't say that I'm surprised by the funereal look, but it doesn't stir my orange/purple/fuchia loving soul. There are also a lot of oversize sweaters -- many with cowl necks, thank you very much Nina Garcia. This look available at Dillards is representative. for eye candy, lots of 30s-inspired chiffon evening gowns. Ahhh . . . eye candy!

The top gown is from Gucci, and is or will be available at Nieman-Marcus for those with lots of expendable income. The vintage purple floral bias cut dress is for sale at Woodland Farms and Vintage. I posted its picture because I think it's pretty and because it's a great example of the type of 30's floral dress I was talking about in this post. Happy fall shopping, y'all!