Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For Election Day

. . . a completely unscientific reader poll/survey/questionaire about a trend that Lucky Magazine, among others, is selling hard -- that is industrial strength black tights worn with a floaty dressy dress. Lucky endorses this look because it "adds the unexpected" (uh, not if everyone is doing it) and christens it "Girly Punk."

I don't like the look, and neither do people far younger and hipper than I.

I think the whole tights/leggings thing is either a marketing device thought up by panty-hose companies to save their business after years of the no-hose look, or a trend started by stylish young New Yorkers who were brainwashed into hating regular hose but who are tired of freezing their asses off when walking around the city in winter. Now, I like hose and tights. Hose can disguise many flaws, including ghastly winter whiteness, funky shins (which afflict most women over 30, including celebrities (are you listening, SJP?) and saggy knees. But why Alicia Keys, who's blessed with beautiful skin and has nothing to hide, would want to make her legs look shorter and thicker by the addition of unnecessary gym-wear is beyond me.

I vote for the expected hose or tights. Heavy dark tights under wool or tweed skirts are perfect for the woman who's wandering the moors or striding up skyscraper canyons on her way to work. Sheer hose goes with the floaty dress, and if the wearer thinks regular hose are too stodgy, there are sexy substitutes like fishnets.

What do y'all think?


Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I'm a big fan of black stockings and of leggings. But I am NOT a fan of the current trend of wearing them under light colored floaty dressses.
I don't have any nude or fleshtone stockings, they are all either black or color or textured etc. I'm an old school black and lycra goth girl from the 80s-90s, I love black opaque cotton/lycra stockings and I'm one of the few people that are glad that leggings are back. Leggings aren't for everyone though.
But they should only be worn under tunics or short skirts. I don't like the look of them under light dresses or dresses just past the knees. It just makes the wearer look choppy, unless they are really tall. It also looks like the outfit was just thrown together after rolling out of bed.


Ladygrande said...

I'm with you, ladies......but, I'm from the really old school of fashion, I still wear pantyhose with dresses to work, and all dressy occasions. That really tells my age, doesn't it! I just do not feel completely dressed without hosiery.

Ivy Frozen said...

Love tights! Hate that "trend", particilarly in the photos you included. It's unexpected in all the wrong ways. (Of course, then you see what I wear...)

Gidget Bananas said...

"It just makes the wearer look choppy, unless they are really tall."

Thanks, "chopped" exactly the right word to use to describe what that outfit does to Alicia Keys, and if something makes a beautiful young woman look cut off at the knees, well, I'm not even going to try.

ambika said...

I'm completely with you. I break out all of my tights in winter, including those in unexpected patterns, to wear with denim and cordouroy skirts. Fishnets for dressy events and bare legs in summer. And being 5'1, you will never see me in leggings as I have no desire to be mistaken for a pygmy.