Monday, November 20, 2006

If not orange, how about pumpkin?

The ebay merchants have all geared up for the holidays and have listed party dress after party dress. A search for "50s party dress " found 184 items, a search for "1950s party dress" found 49 more. Now, if I only had a party to go to (and if I didn't already have a closet full of rarely-worn party clothes) I'd be shopping like a crazy person.

All four of these dresses come from one seller, Little*Things Dolls and Clothes. She has quite a spectacular collection of classic 50s dresses. The first two pictured here caught my attention because I haven't shaken my recent orange obsession, and the fact that pumpkin-pie day is coming up isn't helping any. The third dress, which is by Emma Domb (as is the first), caught my eye because I love the big copper-colored skirt. I picked the pink dress just to show that I could drag myself away (if not far) from orange, and because it's Guy LaRoche, made in France, bust 36, and the only bid so far is for $34.99. Really, size 6 ladies (and gentlemen, as the case may be) can you afford NOT to bid on it?


miss vintage love said...

LOVE the orange dress!!

Anonymous said...

j'adore the dress from '50 really loveble

Gabriella from Italy