Monday, February 02, 2009

Drive-by post

Oh, I am sadly, sadly behind in my clothes comments, what with inaugurations, the Award Season's red carpet parades, the Paris couture shows and all that. I haven't been behind in my bookmarking, though, and I want, at least, to share two fun links with you. One is from zimbio, comparing what women wore on the red carpet to the runway looks, here. The photo of Laura Linney, wearing my favorite Golden Globe look, is a sample thereof. Oh, I do love me some goddess look and some yellow, and nothing's better than yellow goddess gown in my book. I'm so happy to see red carpet dresses trend away from the strapless mermaid and toward the goddess; anything that gets rid of strapless gowns and the often ill-fitting bodice is great in my book, even if it's done one shoulder at a time.

Oh, and I followed zimbio's link to Eye candy for days, including a runway to red carpet review for the SAG awards. And speaking of sag, (unfortunate pun, but too obvious to ignore) good grief, Katie Holmes!

Maggie Gyllenhall in Lavin, Golden Globes, 2009

Vogue just posted a Style Note titled "Ladies, We've Got Your Backs: critics hated these red carpet looks, but we beg to differ." I agree with them about Tilda Swinton (black modern Lavin goddess); Nicole Kidman (in gold Dior goddess); Kirsten Dunst (blue Rochas that should have been mine, MINE, I TELL YOU!, and worn with a big jet choker); and Maggie Gyllenhall (printed Lavin proto-goddess). Good for Vogue for pointing out that the infamous swan dress was a joke, but, sorry, Cameron Diaz looked like a mess in that Ungaro kimono dress. Poor dress.

I kept searching the stage for heaters while I was watching the Inauguration because I couldn't believe that Michele Obama and Laura Bush, both of whom were wearing buttonless coats (albeit over suits) could look so comfortable in that freezing weather without a little outside help. I didn't see any, but maybe the crowd kept them warm. January inaugurations must have been easier on first ladies when hats, hose, slips and girdles were required, and fur trim at least an option.

Michele's gown was on trend, one-shouldered and white. I appreciate that she wore the work of a relatively unknown designer, Jason Wu, whose clothes I like. I'm assuming that gazillion-dollar outfits by the big names won't be among her wardrobe for a while.

And speaking of white, I'm not thrilled about all those actresses showing up on the red carpet dressed like brides. But that's a topic that will have to wait for another post.


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