Sunday, March 12, 2006

Beautiful bodices.

Remember when the bodices of dresses were something more than trim surrounding an ocean of bare skin? When there was absolutely positively no chance that the wearer of the dress would have a "wardrobe malfunction?" When searching for nipple slips wasn't the hobby of every man, boy and fashion blogger? Well, neither do I, really, but looking at these two dress patterns, currently on auction at e-bay, I sure wish those days would return.

The Ronald Paterson dress with the fan shaped insert on top and the corresponding pleats in the skirt makes me swoon. It's art, it's sculpture, it's fantasy, and, no doubt, it's a bitch to sew. This dress isn't something to be mass produced by virtual slave labor in the Marianas and peddled at Wal-Mart, or to be worn by a 10 lb. actress sporting 20 lbs. of implants. (There should be a law prohibiting implants larger than the implantee's head.) In fact, this dress shouldn't really be worn by a woman with much bosom at all, whether natural or enhanced. No, it's a paeon to the chic small B-cup . Small ladies everywhere, rejoice!

This Jean Desses pattern could be worn by a slightly more voluptuous woman, but not too much, and probably not from this pattern, which like the Robertson dress is a vintage 10, bust 31. But my goodness, no matter what size, look how that bosom is packaged: there's an underbust seam, gathers, a bow. The whole effect is one of feminine curves without showing an inch of skin, and frankly, if one's ribs can be counted through one's decolletage, covered is a way better look.

Sometimes I worry that I'm turning into an old fart because I want women, and especially women who are constantly being photographed, to cover up. Dammit. But so many women who are always parading their parts about just don't look as good as they think they do or that US and Star magazines tell us they do. I think I'm perfectly justified in preferring a pretty, imaginatively designed and constructed dress to a pair of unleashed Frankenboobs. And aren't these dresses just so darn pretty?

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Maria Palma said...

Yes, I was just thinking about that today - it's darn time we ladies start covering ourselves up! Skin is so last year (or that's what I'd like to think...a girl can only dream!)