Saturday, March 11, 2006


Lately, I find myself thinking a lot about tap pants. Long high-waisted wide-leg panties. Genuine knickers. In lace trimed silk, or perhaps something sheer, like silk organza, or for a night at the No-Tell Motel, some sleezy transparent 50s synthetic. Ideally, the knickers would be worn with a teeny-tiny matching triangle bra, so the small top would balance out the honking big panties for a Bettie Page look. And if I were to actually wear these outside my boudoir, I'd wear them under a 40s style shirtwaist dress, to send the message that the bomber was built by a bombshell. Va Va Voom!

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Dee said...

Lord, I adore tap pants. Doubt anything sexier's ever been invented from a woman's POV. Thongs be darned.