Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I found the image to the left at an e-bay auction of the pattern. I’m not providing a link to the auction because (1) it’s probably over, and (2) I don’t want anyone to even THINK about buying that pattern. Why? Because there’s an infinitesimal chance that some otherwise mature reader might, like the art director who designed this pattern’s package, think it’s a perfectly acceptable outfit for a woman pushing 40. Then she’ll spend her precious time shopping for and sewing up a twee little mini-dress, put it on, and sashay outside. There she’d immediately be kidnapped by white slavers catering to the faux-Lolita trade who will sell her into a Fate Worse Than Death, and her very mean, but more importantly, tasteless, pimp will make the poor soiled dove wear a tracking device in the form of a paper flower choker around her neck. Oh! The humanity!


Erin said...

I wondered why the flower was so big. Tracking device! Of course!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the flower thing is horrid, I'll grant. But that dress, on that woman, with those legs and shoes, is gorgeous!

Back before the fashion industry convinced the world that all men are pederasts and will drool over your feet (yuck!).