Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Fashion Week Month, AGAIN!

All Lynn Devon 2010

It's baaaaaack, that orgy known as Fashion Week. In New York, then London, then Milan, then Paris, and if you're really masochistic you can hang on for Los Angeles and Melborne. Mama Mia.

Anyway, the few collections from the first day of the New York collections just remined me why I like vintage, but Lynn Devon's collection really caught my eye. For one thing, it's full of grown-up clothes, so I could actually wear them if I were so lucky to get my hands on any, and they also have a vintage flair. Then I read the review of her collection and saw that her influences were Roman Holiday-era Audrey Hepburn and classic American designer Geoffrey Beene. Well, no wonder I like it!

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Anonymous said...

i loved that collection also. Port 1961 had a few cute coats that I wish I could afford.