Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is the first year, in all the years I've been reviewing the collections at Style.com, American Vogue's website, that I've bothered to read the runway reviews. This is what Vogue's review says about Diane von Furstenberg's Spring collection: "This season's nomad searcher is 'looking into antiquity for effortless beauty,' with Egypt and the desert on her horizon, along with a side visit to the Pre-Raphaelites." But it seems to me that there's another obvious reference that Vogue, and perhaps DVF herself, overlooked, and that's Botticelli's Primavera. Let's compare and contrast, shall we?

Flowing drapery, check; floral print, check; flowers in the hair, check, golden glow, check. All we're missing is a few cherubs and a green god standing in for a wind machine to get a whole Renaissance Faire. But whatever the inspiration DVF's collection is full of teh pretty (more about this Season's sudden explosion of pretty later) and I like it, even though I'd look like a jackass if I tried to wear it. Alas, my flowers-in-the-hair days are long over.

I think our girl Rachel Zoe would like this collection a lot. It suits her bohemian aesthetic (anyone else notice how often the contestants on Project Runway used the word "aesthetic" last week? sheesh!). I can totally see her in the third look from the top, the one with the cap sleeves. She can look like the goddess Flora and keep her clavicles covered at the same time.

Anyway, enjoy teh pretty.

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