Monday, September 14, 2009

Nerds on the Runway

The long-legged lady in the picture above is designer Karen Walker: she sure doesn't look like a nerd, does she? But according to her show's review on, the inspiration for Karen's Spring 2010 nautical-themed collection is the 1967 television series, The Prisoner, one of the cultiest of cult shows ever made. The series was surreal, nonsensical, full of symbolism, vague and unresolved, and so destined to be much loved by nerds. Now, I am a complete nerd (in fact I had BBC America's Dr. Who playing in the background while I reviewd the recent collections) and I lurved The Prisoner to the extent that I would sit with my hand on the television for an hour to improve the reception in my Connecticut home of the New York station that first broadcast the show in the U.S. However, if I had legs like Karen, I'm not sure I couldn't have found something better to do . . .

Anyhoo, compare the collection to the inspiration:

I am not a number, I am a well-dressed free man!

Be seeing you!

AMC has produced a mini-series based on the original 1967 series, to be broadcast in November, 2009. This nerd will reserve her judgment, (although, how good could it be without Hotel Portmeirion, the Pennyfarthing Bicycle, or Patrick McGoohan), but I have a feeling that it may come up short in the snappy clothes department. Too bad. Loved those capes and boat shoes.

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