Monday, May 01, 2006

Caftans and tunics and turbans, oh my!

If I were a lady of leisure, and I mean true leisure, spared even little but sleeve-threatening tasks like making a cup of tea (gas range) or scooping the litter box, I'd spend the day swanning around in a caftan. Sweeping robes are certainly a more elegant, in fact, downright regal, alternative to my usual loungewear, which at the moment consists of two well-worn pairs of flannel pajamas and a cat-hair covered robe.

Last spring, I think designers tried to revive the caftan as an evening look. I'm not surprised that trend didn't get very far; I'm sure no fashionista now would wear one lest her public think she put on a few pounds.

Anyway, look at this beauty for sale by Wild Swans Vintage Clothing Auctions. Here's a Moroccan-style tunic version (djellaba) from Nelda's Vintage Clothing for those days when too much fabric around the arms will be a safety hazard for a lady of leisure. The pattern is from Chez Centarian. I'm very tempted to make the orange view, although I wonder if I have the patience to pile on all the ornamentation I'd like.

I'd wear my caftan with a turban and some kid of sparkly mule or sandal to get the full Gloria Swanson/chubby-but-still-beautiful-Elizabeth-Taylor-in-the-70s effect. Then I'd put on a pair of ginormous sunglasses and waft around my garden, languidly dead-heading roses while waiting for Joe Gillis to appear. "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

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