Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's June! Time to get married wearing a vintage gown from Retrodress!

I never really wanted to get married, but I always wanted to be a bride, i.e., have a huge party all about ME, have all my relatives feeling obliged to give a present to ME, and, most especially, buy a super-duper dress just for ME. (See? Another human being, like an actual husband, is simply superfluous in Gidget's world.) As a result, I spend a lot of time looking at wedding gowns, only to find most of them boring or ugly, leaving me to despair of ever finding the perfect fuel for my fantasy. So when I clicked on the Retrodress link over at A Dress A Day, I melted into a little puddle of fantasy goo gazing at Ms. Retrodress' beautiful collection of vintage bridal wear.

Look at this 1950s princess model. It's so exquisitely shapely and simple that the wearer could actually be convincing as a virgin bride. And do check out the sleeves (yea! sleeves!) -- those pleats are just the perfect little detail.

I love this 60's Audrey meets Jackie number, too. That unadorned column would make any bride look tall and slender. Add the jacket and it becomes an outfit a bride of any age and experience could wear.

Then there's this vanilla wool Yves Saint Laurent suit, not listed in the wedding section, but perfect for a civil ceremony -- in Paris. It should be worn with a polka-dot blouse and a boater hat for the full Saint Laurent effect. Damn, that suit's so sharp it hurts to look at it.

The beaded Malcolm Starr dress at left (also not listed in the wedding section, but heck, it's white) has one of my favorite details, a Watteau train. The whole dress is so damn sophisticated: I see the wearer going straight from a Las Vegas wedding to her third or fourth millionaire husband to the baccarat tables. Not a bad way to kill a weekend, no?

Do go visit Retrodress. It's full of the stuff dreams are made of.


Nikki said...

That beaded number is gorgeous. Great post!

peg said...

You may have seen this already, but if not check out the wedding dress made of old underpants by artist nole giulini.

a retrodress wedding dress of the icky genre.