Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oooooooooh, pretty, 1 and 2

I found these two patterns while cruising for inspiration on ebay (my home away from home, if you hadn't figured that out from my previous posts). The Fabiani pattern plays to my current mod/sixties obsession. It's so structured and space-age (and I bet the model is picking up satellite signals on that hairdo). Apparently a lot of other people are feeling the sixties vibe, because there are 15 bids on the Fabiani pattern at this writing. It's a good size, bust 38, although for the real vintage look a bit of chest binding would be in order.

The Nina Ricci pattern is just plain pretty, what with the lace and bows and fringe. Gets all my girly juices flowing. This pattern is also in the hard-to find-in-vintage bust 38.

Both of these patterns are from the collection of vintagecassandra.

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