Thursday, May 11, 2006

Look at this dress -- why the heck do I like it?

The auction for this dress has already ended, and thank goodness, because if it hadn't I might have done something really really foolish -- like bought it! If I wore this dress I'd look like a weird combination of kitchen curtains, an over-stuffed couch and mutton dressed as lamb. Whatever -- when I first saw this frivolous frock I had a full-bodied "ooooooh cute!" reaction, and, dammit, I still think it's cute. I love the retro flower-power print even though it renders the dress appropriate only for girls ages 16 to 21, and 21 may be pushing it. I love its ruffly ruffly sleeves, even though only very tall women or Marie Antoinette should wear them. I love its not-quite-empire high-waisted silhouette, even though I don't think it would flatter me at all.

If I had a pretty teenaged daughter I would have bought this dress for her, and she no doubt would have taken one look at it and said "ewwwwwwwwwww, MOM!" And then I would have carried it off to my closet so that I could have it to look at on sad rainy days. *lesigh*

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