Sunday, July 23, 2006

Curvy and pretty

This happy yellow dress is most appropriately for sale at Dandelion Vintage. It's got everything I love about a vintage dress -- structure, detail, shape, SLEEVES. It's a good size too, Bust 37, Waist 28, Hips 48, although, alas, a bit too small for me.

The dress does have a pen mark on the skirt. I'm sure that if you have a really good professional cleaner in your area, he could get it out, but in my experience most cleaners now don't do anything but throw items into their dry cleaning solution which does nothing but bake ink stains into the fabric. In order to rescue some garments that would otherwise have been ruined I've spot cleaned them myself using mild soap (diluted dishwashing liquid) and water. One thing that I've also found works very well on organic stains is a baby wipe, you know, one of those moist towelette thingys. A few dabs of one of those lifts greasy food and blood stains rather nicely. Of course you'd want to test whatever solvent you were using on a hem or facing to make sure it didn't take the color out with the stain.

And that, my dears, is my one and only helpful hint.

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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Thanks for the mention of my dress in your blog! As a fan of your blog, I feel honored!