Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Damn you, Project Runway!!!!

OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, they auf'd my Vampire Lover, Malan Breton, already!!!

Well, his dress, alas, sucked, although I don't think it fit any worse than Uli's dress, which the judges liked (talk about the pancake bosom syndrome). But I LIKED Malan -- and he's the first designer to say outloud that being eliminated is "humiliating." And, AND, they kept the obnoxious Angela (although I'm happy that the judges praised Vincent's design, just because it annoyed her). She's got Wendy Pepper written all over her O-Hi-O ass.

Grrrrrrrrr --

Oh, the contest was to design a gown to be worn by Miss U.S.A. at the Miss Universe pagent. Surprize, the professional pagent dress designer won.

You can see the dresses here.


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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I was disappointed to see Malan go too. I think he was set up to look like bad guy.
Angela really should have gone because she didn't submit a sketch in the first place and her attitude and behavior far outweighed any problem with Malan's dress. I think the main problem with Malan's dress was the color. If it has been a lighter color, it wouldn't have looked so heavy.