Saturday, July 29, 2006

One Person's Fetish is Another Person's Vintage Resource

So, I did an Google image search for "Dior A-Line," brought up a photo of a suit labled "Dior H Line" (two out of three ain't bad), clicked on the link to see the picture in its original context, and found myself in a treasure trove of vintage fashion pictures. There was a definite theme to the photos -- the silhouette was all long and lean, very lean. I scroll down a little more and find the index to the collection -- "Tight Skirts of the Past 1," "Tight Skirts of the Past 2," all the way to "Tight Skirts of the Past 12". Interesting way to label a photo collection, I thinks, unless . . . so I click on the home page link, and woo-hoo, NSFW, this abundance of classic photos is located in a site dedicated to women mostly in tight skirts. But I'm not going to criticize the webmaster's motivation, he put together a fabulous collection of fashion photos, some still with their captions, which just adds to the fun. Fashion fun, that is.

However, actually wearing the combination of a tight skirt and tight corset may lead a lady of fashion to do strange things. Like, drop her kitchen table in the middle of the town square during a performance by traveling acrobats, and lingering there, surrounded by villagers who are ready to pelt her and the performers with flowers (it not being tomato season) if they are displeased. Or something. Enjoy!


Shrimpton Couture Blog said...

I love these suits - women looked compeltely HOT which is ironic becasue these suit actually covered quite a bit! But in all the right ways

Anonymous said...

I just found your link, six months later. I'm the webmaster of that page, or was - I gave it up two years ago. The pictures on my site are a tiny selection of those I have scanned from several dozen original 1950s magazines. My interests in 1950s fashion are much wider: I admit I've only scanned pictures I think glamorous and sexy, but that goes from underwear to overcoats, and everything in between! Most of it is from 1950-53, my favourite period. If there is anything from that period you'd like to see I can probably provide it, if you're interested. Email me if you have any requests ;-)