Saturday, July 15, 2006

They're heeeeeeeeere , , ,

So Project Runway (hereinafter "PR") is off and running. Love. Hate. Maybe more hate right now. I HATE that the show still doesn't give the viewers a good close look at the clothes. A bit more focus than the 10 seconds of the runway show might help us -- okay, me -- see what the judges are seeing. Oh, and the judging! There's no fixed criteria, or perhaps, no criteria at all -- last season it seemed like something that would get a designer auf'd one week would get another designer the win the next. Here, in the first episode, it looked like the winner and the loser did the same things and, well, one lost and the other won. Sure glad I don't have any cases in front of that panel.

Oh, and I have a new PR designer boyfriend, Malan Breton. That him up there in the grey suit, kewl how his first design coordinates, isn't it?. The Television Without Pity forum crowd mostly love to hate him, and not entirely without reason. He's a bizarre, affected little man who's been described variously as Count Chocula, Voldemort Lite, Alex from "A Clockwork Orange," Mr. Bean -- really, how could I NOT root for this guy? I hope he vindicates my enthusiasm the way the similarly despised but now wildly popular Kara Janx did last season. Go, Malan!


twitches said...

Oddly enough, my husband, who is about as interested in fashion as Todd Arnold, LOVES to watch this show. I think he just likes the challenges they come up with to torture the contestants.

Gidget Bananas said...

I think that's EXACTLY what they do!