Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011, my favorites, some runners-up, and top-rated dresses I don't like.

Many of my favorite Golden Globes looks wound up on other bloggers' worst lists.  Of course, I think I'm right and all those other clothes writers lack imagination. 

Ooooh, a lot of people think the red rose on Natalie Portman's dress ruined it.  I think the rose, which is hand embroidered and studded with Swarovski crystals, is whimsical and adds punch to a pale dress.  Natalie looked great on TV, absolutely radiant in the best tradition of expectant mothers.  Go Natalie.

I should hate Olivia Wilde's Marchesa dress for being too big and formal (other people did), but I can't because it looks like a child's fantasy of a fairy princess dress, light-weight and sparkly.  And Olivia's smile sure doesn't hurt.

Some people loved Emma's Calvin Klein dress for its color, other people disliked it for that reason.  The color looked deeper, and better, on TV.  I love the dress because when a girl needs to stand out in a sea of ball gowns, less is indeed more!

Julianne's hair and makeup are terrible, the Fashion Police noticed, and her look was generally dissed.  I like the dress; it's minmal with built-in bling.  What a good idea!  And Julianne should put on some lipstick, it will make her feel better. 

These red dresses got a lot of praise.  I lurve red, but I don't love these.  I'm over bombshells and bombshell wannabes.

January Jones trying to be edgy again -- she looks like she's playing dress-up in Gypsy Rose Lee's closet.

Let's see, Christina has big hair, big boobs, and a super big shoulder growth on her Wilma.  If anyone needs a lesson in minimalism, it's Ms. Hendricks.
Sophia Vergara needs to remember that Jessica Rabbit was a cartoon.
And enough -- on to the SAG Awards, where the ladies at least attempt to dress with class.

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