Sunday, January 23, 2011

The sexy 70s at Posh Vintage

Posh Vintage is the only online vintage retailer I know that specializes in 1970s clothing, in particular, the super-sexy Halston-inspired disco/rock star girlfriend jersey dresses that I, who last had a 32 inch bust at age 10, could only dream of wearing.  But I love to look, and I love to share, and I urge all my hardbodied readers (trans: no support or smoothing needed) to consider buying one.  But keep in mind that many of these dress are not only backless, almost frontless, and clingy, but also translucent.  Please avoid manties as a solution to the see-through problem.

ANYHOO, Posh Vintage offers for sale so many super sexy  etc. jersey dresses that I had a hard time chosing examples.  Here's a sampling:

Estevez, designer 70s jersey gown

Another Estevez jersey gown

70s Jean Varon goddess dress.  Jean Varon was the brand name of John Bates, who designed the costumes for the Avenger's Emma Peel. The man knew sexy.  Follow the link to see all the angles.

Radley of London moss crepe dress.  Ossie Clark designed for Radley, need I say more?

70s jersey dress by Bernshaw.  Fabulosity without the designer price tag.

70s Byron of Athens jersey dress.  This dress looks like it was made yesterday, and could be worn forever.

70s jersey goddess dress by Maria Maria.  Pretty color.
So while the current designers are doing goofy 70s, remember there's classic, hawt, 70s out there.  Just keep away from Qiana, double-knit, and avocado green, and you'll find it.

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