Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Awards 2011 -- down-hearted, depressed and in a spin

Helena Bonham Carter in Marc Jacobs
Helena Bonham Carter looks bored and depressed in this picture.  I feel her pain.  The SAG Award red carpets are usually interesting, but usual is not always, and this was a complete snooze-fest.  Even the ugly was boring.  But hell, I'm going to post some pictures anyway.

Christina Hendricks in L'Wren Scott.  I give her props for wearing a bathrobe; comfort is a wonderful thing.

Diana Agron in Chanel.  She looks like she was playing dress-up in her grandmother's closet.  She and January Jones would probably get it right if after they picked dresses for an event, they swapped.  Except for this event, where they both got it wrong.
Jenna Fischer in Fendi.  She looks as depressed as HBC.

Natalie Portman in Azzaro.  The commentators were happy she was showing her bump.  I think she could have bumped better. 

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahmi.  Enough with the ball gowns.  The divine Ms. Lynch needs to be Swinton-ized.

Kara Mara in Herve Leger.  Oy.  And vey.
Melissa Leo in Randi Rham.  Tight, long and shiny looks cheap too.

January Jones in Chanel.  From burlesque queen to dowager duchess in a week.  I think I liked the fringed look better, at least she looked like she could sit down in it.

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